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I was trained as a biologist and as a linguist. My current research focuses on the biological underpinnings of human language. I explore available genetic and neurobiological data in order to gain a more accurate view of how language is implemented at the brain level and how it has evolved in the species.

I am currently associate professor at the University of Seville (Spain) and Faculty Research Fellow at the University of Oxford (UK)


University of Seville (Spain)



Research lines


- language evolution

- language disorders

- biological foundations of language

- prehistoric languages

- language change

- cognitive linguistics

- skull/brain cross-talk and language

- immune system/brain cross-talk and language

Frontiers Research Topic
The adaptive value of languages: Non-linguistic causes of language diversity
(co-edited with Steve Moran, Zurich)
Submission open
Ph.D. thesis
Interested in Biolinguistics  and looking for a Ph.D. supervisor?
Frontiers Research Topic
Language at the Interface Between the Immune System and the Brain
(co-edited with Juan Uriagereka and Andrés Gómez)
Submission open
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